About Us


What We Do

Our mission at EarthForm Foundations is to design, develop and apply the basement foundation method of construction described by US Patent 8,650,830.



A sound structure begins with a solid foundation basement. Now, this foundation basement becomes living space. More square footage no longer means towering stories or consuming restricted lot space. We go underground.

The strength and means of application of shotcrete/ gunite

 provides us the ability to construct a monolithic structure with integrated structural concrete beams for superior strength.

By utilizing the methods of construction defined in US Patent 8,650,830, we are confident that we can install a basement foundation structure anywhere, at anytime, at a lower cost.



Benefits of our basement foundation

  • EarthForm’s patented process is much more cost effective than a traditional basement. In many cases, it is literally a fraction of the price.
  • It take us less time to construct and will not slow down construction cycle time. In some cases we can construct them in as little as 10 days.
  • Our method completely controls ground water and does not allow outside water to penetrate the inside living space like traditional basements do.
  • Our method of basement foundations allow for energy efficiency that has not been seen in this climate. Placing all of the homes mechanical systems to operate in a temperature controlled climate allowing them to operate much more effectively.
  • Expansive soils do not negatively effect our structure like they do on post tension cable foundations. 
  • It has been said for years that you cannot have a basement in places like Texas, with our patented process, you can!